The term coven is used to describe a closed group of Witches. While this term is used in other traditions of Witchcraft, the Minoan Brotherhood refers to its covens as groves.

Our Grove belongs to the Eleutheria / Louisiana Line of covens and reflects a healthy balance between received wisdom and the guidance of our Gods to maintain a living experience of this spiritual and magical tradition. It is named in honour of our Matron deity, Carmán, an Athenian Goddess who came to Ireland with her sons and was “othered” as an outsider.

Temenos ta Carmán was the first Grove established in a country outside North America where English is the primary language and was the first to be established in the West European Isles.

Our Grove is located in Dublin and gathers for each of the thirteen Full Moons and to celebrate our Eight Festivals. It is currently open to Seekers who may be suitable candidates for Outer Court training.